The organization is responsive to the needs of the poorest of the poor and steward and collaborator in transformational advancement. Working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seeks justice and bear witness to the kingdom of God.

Brook Hills Development Organization, is an indigenous humanitarian, a non-political, nonprofit making; a Christ centered independent Ethiopian Resident Charity founded with a dedication of working with children, families, and their communities in Ethiopia to reach their full potential by tackling the cause of poverty and injustice and established with overall goal of helping needy communities in Ethiopia with the overall goal of assisting the neediest community through integrated and community self sustaining strategy.

We are located in Mekanissa Kore Area, which is an area of Addis Ababa where the city’s dump is located, and is also one of its most impoverished neighborhoods. It has among the highest population of people with HIV/AIDS and leprosy in Ethiopia. We work on meeting these people’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs by offering them education, Hospice, Handicapped, Life Skill, discipleship and Vocational training, Nutrition for Malnutrition.

We work holistically serving all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity and gender and women enhancement program.

In January 2017 Brook Hill Development Organization and Delivering Hope International signed an official partnership agreement, with the goal of providing maternal and infant health services to under resourced families living in the community of Korah.

Over a two year period from 2015-2017, Delivering Hope Ethiopia had piloted our doula and childbirth education program in Korah and had come to the decision that the project would thrive in partnership with a local NGO, who would be equipped to run the program in conjunction with other programs, thus offering a more holistic model of care. After a few months of seeking out the right partnership, God very clearly brought our organizations together!

Within a year BHDO has doubled our doula staff, and two additional staff members have completed our DHI doula course and have been released into work with pregnant mothers in Korah. BHDO’s unique partnership with a local church has provided not only a space to hold childbirth education classes at, but perhaps more importantly, it has provided a supportive community who reach out and extend love, support, and a sense of family to pregnant women and their children.

Because of BHDO’s family sponsorship program, women who are seen during their pregnancy have had access into a family sponsorship program when the need has been determined, thereby offering another layer of assistance in a very vulnerable time.

DHI is able to provide a grant for the salaries of the doulas, a medical emergency fund and medical supplies fund, in addition to our educational materials, thus supporting BHDO to provide maternal care to women in their community of Korah.

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